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God is near -- Many miss this -- We're here to help

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Short. Sweet.

You've got limited time.  With consistency, a little can go a long way.  Everything is in 'tastes' for you to 'try' in everyday life.  We think that's how 'spiritual formation' happens anyway.  

Honest. Realistic.

Experiencing God can be messy and mysterious.  Anything is possible--more than we could ask or imagine-- and there is confusion, doubt, disappointment and tons of disagreement.  Bring it.  

Practical. Particular.

You experience God differently than anyone else because of your unique past, personality, culture and more.  We keep things practical so you can apply it in your particular roles, relationships--your everyday life. 

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We don't want money to be a hindrance or barrier for anyone, anywhere.  

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“Greg and Alison have an extraordinary and special gift to help those who they touch find the power of the Holy Spirit within them.  I have seen this special gift impact many already and I expect it will influence more than we can imagine in the future.”  - Dave C.

"As God has grown ever more alive in them, they have become conduits for bringing life to others.  Their profound gift of prayer has been a gift to us, and we reflect at length on the images from their prayer that so poignantly point us to God." - Barry R. 

"Greg is a stunningly original thinker.  Whether discussing biblical texts, theology, church history or any number of topics in which he is well read, Greg’s thoughts are often simultaneously new, interesting, and right.  As a pastor as well as a former academic I am confident Greg and Alison’s work will contribute to current scholarship and deeply impact the life of the church."  - Scott D.

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