Alison grew up primarily in Seattle, Scotland and France as the eldest daughter of Presbyterian mission pastors and academics.  Relationship with God has always been a key part of her life and over time awareness of God’s voice and presence intensified. It was as an 8 year old when Alison first heard that there were children in parts of the world who didn’t have parents.  Her immediate desire was to help them have a home and access to love, care and support.  This desire to serve women and children has taken many forms throughout her life from global mission engagement to attending law school and working in child advocacy.  Alison has put significant focus on what it means for kids to experience intimacy with God and have a place of value and significance in the church and what God is doing in the world.

Professional experience includes child and youth advocacy work as an attorney, multiple roles on church staffs and various jobs in construction and the service industry

 Educational Background

  • Juris Doctor, University of Washington School of Law

  • Masters of Arts in Spiritual Theology, Regent College

  • BA in Comparative History of Ideas and Community and Environmental Planning, University of Washington

In his early twenties, after looking into different religions, traveling to different parts of the world and questioning many of his assumptions about life, Greg had an encounter with hearing Jesus' voice that he couldn’t intellectually deny and led him to rethink everything.  God was in the room, now what?  This led to a season of God significantly softening Greg’s heart and began a growing awareness of God’s presence physically. As these tangible encounters with God’s love and power intensified Greg began a gradual process of sharing this with others in multiple ministry roles as an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  What initially was a ‘Peter getting out the boat and standing on water’ type of experience became a more abiding reality as Greg learned to share what was in him with others, not just in church settings, but in everyday life.  This pursuit has led to in-depth biblical and theological study and spending time with different Christian communities around the world to learn about others' experience of God's presence and power.   

Professional experience includes nearly two decades in pastoral roles and various jobs in the service industry and nonprofit sector.    

Educational Background

  • PhD candidate in practical theology, Durham University, England 

  • PGDip in Scripture and Theology, University of St Andrews

  • M.Div., Regent College and Ordination PC(USA)

  • BA in Comparative History of Ideas, University of Washington

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